Things I never thought I would learn in Washington


winter river

Let me start by saying that I love it here. My recent move to Washington has been filled with wonderful moments and adventures. That being said I have spent most of my adult life, and some of my childhood living in the desert. I have learned to live with wind, sand, and hot summer days and I knew I would have to learn new things about Washington. As you know my apprehension with moving up to Spokane was the WINTER, well the driving in the snow to be honest. But I have learned that there is so much more to winter than this desert girl knew.

An easy drive in the snow

To start with, I am now having conversations with strangers about things I never thought I would ever  talk about let alone think about or dream about. Yes, these things now have seeped into my subconscious mind and make for some odd and scary dreams. What, you ask, could be so consuming that my every waking (and sleeping) moment is about?

Tires, yes that’s right those things that I would buy when the tread was worn down or a nail pierced it. Now I have ongoing conversations with co-workers, my physical therapist, the kind man who bagged my groceries and the ladies at my bible study about what kind of tires I need on my car. Whether to sipe or not to, to have studded tires or walnut shells or would all weather be the best, I tell you that this is all consuming! This little desert girl never put much thought into this before. I guess I could have if I went to Mountain High and skied or up to Lake Arrowhead to build a snowman, but to be honest I avoided driving in the snow. I was a great passenger for those who were driving, coming with thermoses full of hot drinks, and munchies. But now that I have to drive in not just  snow but  icy road as well, all I do is research what kind of tires I need on my car. (and no I have not decided as of yet…ugh)

The second thing I have learned is that the ice scraper we brought up with us from Southern California is not adequate for the North West.  Matt has been kind enough to let me use his handy little scraper that has a squeegee on one side and a flat plastic blade on the other side …which by the way works so much better than my Vons Club card (or- other wise known as, Kim’s window scraper)  

small ice scraper

This wonderful upgrade unfortunately does not work when your car has 4 inches of snow on top of it. And that’s before it freezes to your car.

A lot of snow

What I have learned is that I need to purchase one of the longer scrapers with a brush on one end and a good scraper with teeth on the other end.

Large ice scraper

Matt was so proud that we had one with a squeegee, but we have learned that a long handle and a brush are really needed. (standing on one’s tiptoes to scrape the snow off your car results in bystanders snickering at you and check out your license plate and then nod as they go by).

The list will grow I am sure because winter officially began 16 days ago. Prays would be greatly appreciated. 🙂