Oh the things that make you laugh


As I have said before this SoCal girl is learning that I really never experienced winter before. And I know there are those who deal with below freezing weather every winter, but having the high be what we all in the desert experienced as a low, has got this girl adapting quickly. And also learning you don’t breath deeply on single digit (and below) weather days! I learned this lesson one morning when I was taking our puppy Max out for a walk. It was a nice balmy 7 degrees outside and I was all bundled up with my puffy coat and gloves.

I don’t know about you but my eyes water and my nose drips when it gets really cold (something else I have learned here  too) and as Max and I started down the snowy path out my backdoor my nose started to drip. So I did what I always do when my hands are full and my nose is running, I breathed forcefully in and promptly sealed my nose shut! Oh my gosh! I started to panic, I could not breath, Max was pulling on his leash to move farther down the path and all I can think is- My nose just froze! I can’t breath! I am like that little boy who got his tongue stuck to the flagpole and I stood there with my cold gloved hand on my noses saying to myself….”I can’t breath, I can’t breath!!” Then the amazing thought came to me in  a slow motion haze….open your mouth. I gasped for air and promptly wondered if I would really ever live through a zombie apocalypse if I can’t recall how to breath in the cold.


I continued to do some mouth breathing as Max did his business. By the time I was walking back inside one nostril had thawed enough to open. To my relief the other side popped open with the help of some warm breath being blown in that area. A scarf wrapped around my nose and mouth when its that cold out, (something I have seen people do all the time), is my preferred method for walking Max now.

So my desert people, if you come to visit me in the cold winter, I triple dog dare you to…. breath deeply.